May we recommend you some culinary and wine specialties from Abruzzo?

- The legendary „Arrosticini“ - Over open fire grilled meat skewers from castrated mutton
- Le Sagne or Scrippelle 'Mbusse - Le Sagne (a homemade type of pasta) or Crepes in broth
- Le Pallotte cacio e ove - Fried bread and cheese balls
-La Pizz'onta - Fried pizza
- Ventricina 'Mbruzzese - A pork sausage variety
- I caggionetti - A christmas dessert
- I Mostaccioli - A type of penne pasta
- I confetti di Sulmona - Sugared coated almonds
- I Bocconotti di Lanciano - Chocolate shortbread pies
- The gentian and the aurum - A liquore from Abruzzo
- And last but not least.. the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo wine as if it was raining....

Welcome to Abruzzo!