"Green" Space

We are proud to be „green“! We give our best to make our contribution to a less polluted world and we’re determined to keep our "green promise“. In our philosophy hospitality goes hand in hand with a small environmental impact from the tourism sector. So we took action! We are an environmentally friendly and earthquake - proof hotel and is powered by photovoltaic panels.

We are focused on saving and optimizing energy:
-We use LED technology in all our lighting systems
- We implement ed technology to maintain the room temperature when the guest is not in the room
- Our boilers are condensing boilers
- Our window frames are highly temperature and sound insulated
- We use renewable and non-renewable energy sources: photovoltaic, solar thermal, geometric deep probes, surface geothermal, methane gas and electricity coexist in our hotel. All this allows us to save 70 percent of energy, with obvious economic savings as well as environmental benefits.
- We have complied with the strictest Italian regulations for protection against seismic events.

We deal with waste in a conscious way:
- We carry out a careful waste separation
- And we involve our customers in this activity: all rooms and common areas are equipped with separate waste garbage cans (paper, plastic and undifferentiated)

No plastic!
- We do not use plastic containers. Glass and paper do the job. (Yes, even the straws are made of paper)
- We eliminated plastic packaging in the rooms for the courtesy line

„Green“ Awards
- In 2014, we were awarded the "Hotel Green Leader" by Trip Advisor.
- In 2011 Expo Italia Real Estate awarded us the prize for technological innovation and environmental sustainability.